Why choose Wireless Keyboards instead of regular Wired ones?

What is a Wireless Keyboard?

A wireless keyboard is a user-friendly device that allows users to communicate easily with laptops, computers, or tablets. A keyboard can have Wi-fi, Bluetooth, or Infrared technology, which are the components of radiofrequency. A wireless keyboard with a wi-fi feature communicates using signals which range from 27MHz to up to 2.4GHz. The features allow flexibility and portability to the user, which leads to avoiding moving the keyboard with the computer.

The device is available separately or in combo-offer with a “wireless mouse.”

Advantages or Benefits of Wireless Keyboards over traditional Wired Keyboards


As far as benefits are concerned, portability is the best feature of a wireless keyboard as it offers much more mobility. Users can use this in a bed, on a lap, or they are on a chair. These keyboards are far better than wired keyboards. Some portable keyboards are specially designed for use while traveling by car, and this type of handheld keyboard is also called a car-friendly keyboard. “Road-writer keyboard” is said to be sturdy enough to be comfortably used while traveling.


Multiple wireless keyboards are available in the market to use at home, in cars, offices, or even in different organizations. “Foldable wireless” keyboards are typically made from soft materials and can easily fit in the bag. “Water-proof” and “dust-proof” keyboards are beneficial if one has the habit of snacking over the computer. You can connect “gaming keyboards” to laptops or smartphones and enjoy a good range of digital motions. These are with game controllers and touchpads that help better navigate the virtual world. There are stylish or unconventional keyboards made from unique materials, like bamboo or a few non-metals. Versatility also includes the availability of the device, and we are glad to inform you that all kinds of wireless keyboards are available for each brand.

Lack Of Clutter

The other benefit of a wireless keyboard is that it is lack-cluttered. When a regular keyboard commonly has a long cable that has to be wrapped around some other things to fit it, a wireless keyboard fits easily wherever the user puts it. It can move out swiftly when the user wants to use their desk for any other work.

A Great Alternative

A wireless keyboard is a good alternative if your default keyboard is broken or has a few issues. Hence, it is a short-term solution to keep going. It is not only an alternative for laptops or computers but also your smartphones or tablets.

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Even after having so many benefits of using the wireless keyboards. It comes with some concerns that you should consider while buying a good Wireless keyboard.

Points to consider before going for Wireless Keyboards


While going for a purchase you need to ensure that the keyboard is compatible with your computer or laptop’s operating system and there is a Bluetooth adapter or software installed. Wireless devices use Bluetooth or WIFI to work hence it needs the required adapters to make sure the signals are transmitted and received without any issue.

Reduced Functionality

With a lack of clutter and portability, they tend to be slower than regular keyboards. A swift-user may experience such problems with handheld keyboards since it may hesitate to register keystrokes and vice versa. One should consider before going with wireless keyboards.

Battery issue

A wireless keyboard operates on battery power rather than using electricity from the user’s device. Some brands try to resolve the issue by making A4 lithium batteries, but they require a replacement regularly. Some models, no doubt, have a longer battery life than others, with an average life between six and fifteen months. The users need to make sure that they always have a spare battery or a regular keyboard.

Potential Interference

Using a wireless keyboard is adding another radio signal to the environment. It is good to work by yourself, but if you use that in a busy office filled with wi-fi signals, other wireless devices, metal furniture, and earpieces, you may find network issues. Radio congestion is the reason behind network issues.

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Types of Wireless Keyboards

As already discussed above, various brands produce handheld keyboards. There are different types of such keyboard are specialized according to use, and some of them are as follows:

  • Wireless keyboard with standard size
  • Foldable wireless keyboard
  • Portable wireless keyboard with touchpad
  • Portable wireless keyboard with stand
  • Roll-up wireless keyboard
  • Slim wireless keyboard
  • Mini (palm-size) wireless keyboard

Popular Wireless Keyboards for home, office and gaming use

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